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Digital product development & consultancy.

website development and design

We are focused on Content Management Sytems (CMS) website development, as they have become one the best option for a rapid, realiable and client-firendly solution nowadays. We can do it in the CMS of your preference, or we can advice you about this. WordPress is currently the most trending of all and can easily suit from basic needs to very advanced ones. Our experience in PHP, CSS and Javascript-Jquery coding allows us to customize plugins and front-end themes to fit any feature you are seeking for or we can develop plugins or design themes from scratch. And always keeping a close eye to mobile and touching devices issues and responsive design as well as new trends and techniques out there.

website consultancy and advice

What really makes us different is that we get involved in your envision and plans for your online business or presence on the internet. We do advising and assessment on starting up or improving your business on the internet, helping you out to design a strategy to follow in order to achieve goals with an eye always put on costs. It is possible that you are a bit lost in all this technological world full of things to consider: website, social media, mobile apps, online marketing, search engine optimization, user experience and so on, in e-crespo we are eager to explain and discuss all possibilities, benefits and drawbacks with you. We are at your side of the table as we love your project to succeed over time.

website management

At some point the project will be published or maybe you have it already online and working since a long time, and then some common issues usually come up. Many of you will have time and experience to deal with them, but what if you feel completely lost in these matters or you do not simply have the time that your online presence deserves to be on top. We do not go away and disappear once you launch your new digital product or once we finish an assessment or consultancy work. If you want we are also ready to do works of content updating and upkeeping, training for you and your staff, social media management, search engine optimization and marketing (SEO & SEM), technical stuff regarding server-hosting configuration, domain handling, website updatings, security protection… We can be your affordable-price ally in this sometimes hostile online world.

Technological partnership

We have done it before with some start-up companies, other freelance entrepeneurs and even with public institutions (many agreements are still on and running). Sometimes a good professional at your side is not enough, or sometimes your budget is almost close to zero or maybe you do not simply want to venture alone inside the online world. We are open to consider any case, from pro-bono projects to a shareholding partnership, passing through a temporary partnership with payments on commission. Each idea, each project, is a complex being with very different natures so let’s talk about it. This is another option for you that makes us different.

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e-crespo | website development & consultancy New Zealand

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We have been out there since 5 years ago, so here they are some clients / partners, some present and some from the past. Are you the next one?


Who is behind this?

This is a freelance studio which have had and has other spare freelance collaborators and professionals involved. Currently, we are mainly two involved, located in opposites sides of the world, incredible, isn’t it?

e-crespo | website development & consultancy New Zealand


Petone, Lower Hutt, Wellington. New Zealand

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